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Gallery 1608 County Antrim

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BIO: Sharon Regan


I have always been horse mad, I take greatest pleasure in watching horses out in the fields playing, turned out on a frosty morning or reunited with their chums, careering round the field, kicking up their heels with the sheer joy of being alive, taking a playful nip at their friends before charging off, leaping in the air. I enjoy sculpting horses from clay and hay and it feels right that they should be made from hay (which they eat) and mud (which they enjoy rolling in). The surface texture is achieved by mixing a handful of hay in with the clay before staining with oxides and firing to 1200 degrees. For me creating art is all about pleasure, the pleasure of studying the subject, the pleasure of working with the materials, and the pleasure I hope the buyer takes in looking at the artwork. I believe the pleasure we derive from looking at art/looking at the beauty of nature ‘feeds the soul’ and in the midst of our busy, stressful lives our souls need fed. As the poet said ‘what is life if, full of care we have no time to stand and stare’

Regan, Sharon