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BIO: Conor O'Connell


Conor O'Connell is a self-taught wildlife and landscape artist based in County Roscommon. He works mostly in watercolour and sometimes graphite.

Following in the footsteps of  master wildlife artists such as Archibald Thorburn, George Lodge and Rodger McPhail, Conor's art portrays both the beauty and atmosphere of the countryside and the fauna which inhabit it. He strives to depict wildlife in a convincing and realistic manner, while simultaneously achieving the flowing and sometimes impressionistic qualities unique to the medium of watercolour.


Living in a rural town, Conor spends much of his time in the countryside sketching the various birds and mammals which inhabit it, as he strongly believes that acute observation of birds and mammals in their natural habitat is the key to life-like depictions, while also thoroughly rewarding.


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O'Connell, Conor