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BIO: Stephanie Noble


Stephanie has been interested in Art and creating since her childhood. She grew up in Cardiff, Wales but life took her on a journey across Europe where she was able to focus her creativity into painting and practise her techniques. She discovered a passion for oil painting using palette knives, however Stephanie does enjoy using other mediums and sometimes ink, graphite or pastel will be used in place of paint or alongside it in a mixed media piece.


The dramatic, wild landscapes, lonely mountains and bracing seascapes that Stephanie chooses to paint, aim to snatch as much of the sensation in that environment as possible.  She likes to work with lots of colour and if working on canvas, texture on the canvas becomes a big part of the final piece.


One of Stephanie's favourite things is to hear about other people’s adventures and stories in these places so they might shape her own experiences and understanding. Her work is a reflection of images and experiences she's collected, of places she's visited or read about. There are often extremes of environment in the places that Stephanie choose to paint and this is mirrored in the extremes of light and shadow and colour in her paintings.


Living and working in Switzerland really was the start of Stephanie’s professional art career and love of dramatic landscapes. Since then Stephanie has worked with private and corporate clients and her work is held in collections internationally. Stephanie spends her free time exploring the landscapes she likes to paint with her husband, two young children and dog, Belle.



Noble, Stephanie