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BIO:  Joseph Morris


Joseph Morris was born and raised in Dublin. He has intermittently exhibited at various galleries and has recently being accepting portrait commissions. He is self-motivated, self-disciplined and a self-taught artist, learning from great masters both past and present. Building his knowledge from varied sources such as books, magazines, workshops and the Internet. Painting exclusively in oils, his contemporary expression of beauty and order that pays homage to the Classical Tradition. He would describe himself as a contemporary realist artist. He cites a range of influences from the beautiful dancers of Edgar Degas to the formal elegance of John Singer Sargent's portraits, plus modern masters like Jeremy Lipking, Joseph Toborovitch, Daniel Green and David Leffel. Joseph is passionate and dedicated about his art. Graphic design, photography and painting all hone his skills of composition, balance, tone and colour. His artistic eye is always at work and he consistently scouting potential paintings. He believes it is important to work with passion, emotions and feeling, but they are not enough without proficiency, skill and knowledge. He incorporates all these elements into his work. Joseph is driven not only for personal fulfillment but also for a desire to share his art with others and to enrich lives. He’s had a brush with celebrity with Sinead O’Connor buying one of his paintings. He aims for his work to give the viewer a sense of enjoyment and wonder from the subject matter to the colour, strokes, texture and treatment of light and shadow. He wants his work to sing quality, to capture beauty and most of all, to make a lasting impression.

Morris, Joseph


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