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McGuire, Michael


BIO: Michael McGuire


Born in Sneem, Co Kerry in 1956, Michael spent most of his childhood and formative years in the Killarney area. While interested in painting and drawing from early childhood, he only began to exhibit his work in the 1980’s and was represented by several galleries in Dublin, Galway and Killarney, all this despite still having a demanding career outside the art world. Back then he focused mainly on landscapes of the rugged coastline of Co Kerry and other West of Ireland scenes.


Following a move from Dublin to Wexford in 1999, Michael began to develop an interest in working outdoors or "en plein air". There followed some intensive workshops in Fair Oaks, California with plein air artist Susan Sarback (following in the footsteps of the French Impressionists, there has been a big resurgence in plein air painting in recent years, particularly in the USA). These workshops led to a transformation in his work and, ultimately, led to the profound decision in 2006 to quit his job and focus exclusively on painting.


No longer really a landscape painter, Michael’s work is now all about the depiction of light in a visually real manner, regardless of the subject matter. The main characteristics of his work are:-


•immediate impact, because of a strong sense of visual reality,


•clear sense of authentic light, whether direct (sunny) or diffuse  (cloudy)


•strong sense of feeling and emotion, because when working en plein air, all of one's senses are involved and


•a strong sense of visual focus because of varied brushwork and handling, leading the viewer’s eye around the painting.



Since 2007, Michael has had a number of solo and group shows in Dublin and Wexford and has participated and won prizes in plein air events both at home and internationally. His work is held in private and corporate collections worldwide.

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