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McDaid, Peadar


BIO: Peadar McDaid

I am inspired by the everyday life that evolves around me, people, nature, the environment and the ever changing landscape of the North and West of Ireland. I found myself with a boundless energy and eagerness to paint new surroundings and landscapes, something that I have never really worked on before. Last year I began to walk around the north of Ireland giving me the freedom to stop and look around me, to take in the landscape as it unfolded in front of me. It was this inspiration of the light, dusk, ocean and the landscape that had a profound influence on what I painted. Some of the work has taken on its own journey and evolves with the passage of time. The Northern Ireland artist Basil Blackshaw once said “I could never go to a place and just start making paintings. The place creeps back in its own form... Landscape creeps in unconsciously” I found this to be so true as the paintings took shape and formed themselves. Each day that I walked brought its own inspiration-watching nature change, endless cycle. As with all artists we strive to create our own style. This challenge can be both frustrating and exhilarating but the reward is in the final work. It is a constant battle to develop my work, to try to reach compete satisfaction. I think the day that stops happening will be the day to put away the paint brushes. I hope that day never dawns.

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