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Higgins, Eamonn


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BIO: Eamonn Higgins


Eamonn is a Sculptor/Artist based in North Antrim. He specializes in and predominantly works with hot forged steel, however, he has been known to work with other materials i.e. ceramics and glass. Eamonn’s work is about the subtle delicacies of the relationships that bind the people together, whether it is about the things that have nurtured who they are, or the positive things that will define who they will become.


Eamonn is presently pursuing this philosophy through his residency in the South Lough Neagh wetlands by challenging our perception of elegance and beauty through uncompromising deformation of metal using fire.  He believes that beauty can be found in the balance between contrasts, as it makes us ask questions about the similarities that lie between. In a community, for example, this may be prevalent between the young and old where a mutual feeling of persecution can be a catalyst for an expression of cultural pride and communal togetherness. By observing destruction and creation within elegant and beautiful forms that are dominant throughout his work Eamonn asks us to think again before we pigeon-hole what we are trained to think is pleasing to the eye.

Higgins, Eamonn