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BIO: Sinead Fagan


Sinéad is an award winning ceramic artist based in West Cork.  Her work is thrown and hand built in clay, using colour and line to create movement and

direction. Earthy colours and soft curved lines are reminiscent of abstract landscapes and weather patterns. They can vary from tree lines in the distance, horizons at the seashore and stormy rain clouds.


Sinéad uses a technique called saggar firing to produce her work. The pieces are firstly low fired to remain semi porous. She does the second firing in her purposely built gas kiln, where the pieces are placed inside a lidded container called a saggar along with combustible materials such as sawdust, local seaweeds and grasses, metal wires and colouring oxides. These burn in the firing and produce fumes of vivid colour which colour the clay’s porous surface. Remnants of the wires and organic matter can fuse to the surface creating surprise makings and textures. It's an unpredictable technique and each firing produces very different results. No two pieces are the same.

Fagan, Sinead