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Dickson, Alan


BIO: Alan Dickson


Alan Dickson was born in Belfast in 1971 at the height of the troubles. His Mum seemed to love moving house so he had lived in nine different homes by the time he was 13. All in the same area mind you, his Mum couldn't move to far away from her own Mum.


Alan attended the Boys Model Grammar school in North Belfast and as a young teenager trying to stay away from the troubles, he would often take long walks up the Cavehill or jump on a bus and head toward the Mourn Mountains loaded up with paper and paints and pencils and pens and anything else that would make a mark.


He could sit and look out at green pastures or watch the ships head in and out of the Belfast harbour and paint and draw until he was content.


As a young adult he had a few jobs in the civil service and making double glazing frames. He owned a few businesses and like most things the paint and paper was set aside for a more "successful" life but he always longed for the days sitting with my paint and paper. In his mid twenties he decided to leave his job and head to University. He attended Queens University in 1996 and got his Arts degree in 1999 and has been painting and drawing ever since.

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