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Inspired by the setting of my studio upon the family farm, the home to generations of Devine Family, it was only fitting that I looked at the craft of my grandmother and the other female relatives of her generation. They all lead a similar traditional lifestyle as farmer’s wives and traded as dress makers, a craft which was passed down through  each  generation.


I wanted to capture their craft and incorporated into mine in a personal level.


To me the most appropriate way to do this was by taking a garment  in  which  my  grandmother  had  made,   and  use  it  to  create impressions in the clay of the material and in particular the stitching to create the dresses on my Devine Angels.My work is hugely inspired by my surroundings and the environment I’m working in. Being from the countryside I draw inspiration from the rural landscape to the animals which habit it. With my more recent work I began looking our farm animals in particular our little red hens and ducks, but one unfortunate afternoon we had a visit from the fox and this put an end to the little red hens. For about two weeks later the fox would return in the afternoon and I would catch him sitting the yard watching in the window as I worked. Although he ate all of my hens and ducks I thought he was a beautiful creature so I captured a few pictures of him on my phone. I became much more aware of the wildlife that inhabited the farm and this sparked off my new body of work of countryside creatures and capturing their personalities.

Devine, Leona