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Gallery 1608 County Antrim

Exhibition: Sara Cunningham-Bell

26th May - 9th June 2018 

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BIO:  Sara Cunningham-Bell


Sara Cunningham-Bell employs the flower’s form, as a symbol of LIFE growing through adversary.


The work looks at the plethora of colour and pattern within the flower employing oil paint on canvas, bronze and found objects remembering how - its delicate infrastructure champions through frozen or hard ground to grow upwards beyond it, how each breed is part of a wider provision for a diverse community of fauna and flora. They positively communicate with the season’s character so to come into existence and be, physically dynamic. This work’s energy is driven by observing the vision and hope of people within our Community to enable others to be more like precious ‘flowers pushing through hard ground’.






1.   “Good morning my Beloved”   £1650

2.   Deep Breath of LIFE, with a Jane Hamlyn ceramic jug part of the still life.  £2200

3.    Wings of Grace, with a Philomena Pretsell jug part of the Still Life.   £1950

4.   Under-cover, with a Lorna Watt ceramic jug part of the Still Life.   £1450

5.   Passing Through.  £1850

6.    I See.  £1850

7.    The Bow Before the Gallop.  £1650

8.    Angels and Children. £2200

9.    3 Fishermen, 2 Bathers.  £1950

10.  4 Car Loads Chat over a Cuppa.  £1650

11.  After a Gathering.  £1650

12.  2 Perspectives; painted with two composition angles and so can be turned/hung in two ways.  £1650

13.  Reflective Thought of 3 £850

14.  3 Generations  £850

15. Birth and Life  £1650

16.  Spectator or Player  £2200

17. JOY  £850

18. HUG. A study of a Peony.  £550

19.  “…in the morning we will awake upon the others breast, sip tea, empty our lungs, - roar to Heaven, stand tall, nod to the angels, pick up the baton, finish the Race."  (1220x760mm) £2650

20.  A Gift, in honour of Bromley.  NOT FOR SALE




21. Seeing Through You Being

This is a bespoke, one-off piece, applying the Lost-wax process in patinated bronze.  It is inspired by the desire for a waring Nation to seek its objectivity to gain peace for the People. When we look at ourselves to first see our subjectivity, then, we can stand and be objective.  £9500

22. Paths of Communication

Lost-wax patinated bronze, one-off piece, polished stainless with reclaimed hard wood base, 800 high x 700mm at widest part x 290 mm deep, suitable for sitting at ground level or on a table at Home or in Business.  £6500



23.  TOGETHER - we have Ideas and are More

This is a sculpture installation from found objects, the willow is harvested locally, the boots from donations (thank you to Julia, Debs, Katy, Murray), the aluminium from industrial cut offs.  The colourful sculpture Heads represent the bright, lateral thinking ideas we can achieve when one person interacts with another e.g.in business, family life and the wider Community. Together we are positively More.  The individual willows with Sculpture Heads, signed at the bottom, are sold separately at £120 each.