83-85 Main Street

Bushmills, Co. Antrim

Northern Ireland

BT57 8QD

Tel. 028 2073 1324



Gallery 1608 County Antrim

Gallery 1608 in Bushmills brings together the very best of Irish art and bespoke craft, representing both established artists and highly regarded emerging artists. The gallery also claims to stock perhaps the largest selection of Irish art books under one roof across Northern Ireland.


It can safely be said that customers and collectors would need to travel a long distance to see such an eclectic mix of fine art, sculpture and craft. The gallery is truly home to an incredible range of Irish artistic craftsmanship. In addition to the wide range of art on display, sourcing, valuation and framing is available. As part of the Gallery vision it was decided to combine craftwork with art.

This decision led to discussions with many artists and crafters and it soon became apparent that there was a major grey area between what constitutes art and what is craft. Furthermore it was quickly noticed, that like art, there is good craft and bad.


At Gallery 1608 you can be assured that the craftwork (or art if you wish to categorise it) will be in the “good” category, yet will still be priced as competively as the “poor” examples that are out there.

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We are also always looking for exciting artists to exhibit with us. If interested, please contact us.

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Gallery 1608 is open 7 days a week - all year round!    


Monday to Saturday 9.00am - 5.30pm

Sunday 11.00am - 5.00pm

Gallery 1608, Bushmills at night

Photo Courtesy of Martin Conroy